I’m a solo lawyer based in Toronto, Ontario, who works at the intersection of law, Internet policy, and digital rights. Mostly I do this through representing non-profit organizations in legal proceedings to advance their causes, whether that’s upholding net neutrality or defending free expression from global link takedowns

I’ve dedicated nearly my entire legal career to digital rights and trying to make–or help others make–an impact at the intersection of Internet law/policy and human rights or civil liberties. This has resulted in an interdisciplinary and cross-area legal practice that includes (tele)communications law, privacy law, intellectual property law, specifically copyright, and administrative law, all in the context of the Internet and online rights. Much of my work involves legal and policy reform in addition to practicing law, and I spend as much time thinking about what our laws could or should be, as I do about what they currently are and how we can use them to solve problems unique to the digital age.

I have extensive experience representing clients in proceedings before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, and have contributed to an intervention at and appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada. I regularly research and write policy submissions to government consultations; advise on legal, policy, advocacy, or campaign strategies; and have presented at conferences, delivered presentations, met with politicians and government officials, and interviewed with print and broadcast media on behalf of clients.

Outside of running my law firm, I’m the Continuing Professional Development Liaison on the Entertainment, Media, and Communications Law Section Executive at the Ontario Bar Association, and am active on the Policy Committee of the Internet Society (Canada Chapter). I also participate in the Creative Commons Canada community, and recently joined Legal Hackers Toronto.

If you think I could help you advance your cause, achieve impact on an issue you care about, or otherwise have questions and would like to connect, please contact me and we will take it from there.