I’m a solo lawyer based in Toronto, Ontario, who works at the intersection of law, Internet policy, and digital rights. Mostly I do this through representing non-profit organizations in legal proceedings to advance their causes, whether that’s upholding net neutrality at the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) or defending free expression from global link takedowns at the Supreme Court of Canada.  

Having left bits of my soul work scattered across various geographical, virtual, and organizational nodes during the past few years, I decided it was past time to gather them all into one centralized portal, which currently stands before you in all its under-construction glory. 

But you’re here now–so, counter-offer: let’s New Yorker it on linkedin, trade snark on twitter, or, dare I say, exchange meaningful and non-character-limited prose via ckhoo[at]cynthiakhoo[dot]ca. (Poetry is also welcome.)

Exit, pursued by a bear market.